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Bone Doctors' BBQ
718 Cargil Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Phone: 434-296-7766
Fax: 434-202-0557

Award-winning Carolina Bold Barbeque Sauce on pork
 You have an amazing bbq sauce, the original bbq reminds me of sauce I eat in St Martin. Well done
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Bone Doctors' BBQ will be at the CCSFEST.COM KCBS BBQ in Indianapolis tomorrow. However, that is Dr. Dave (the guy with the dome) taking Ted Cruz picture at one of our favorite deli's in Indianapolis. Was Senator Cruz trying to get one of the Bone Doctors' in the picture?
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After all, we are bone doctors, and, the Final Four is boring tonight.
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The Bone Doctors' are both KCBS (Kansas City Barbecue Society) judges, and want to dispel the myth of the smoke ring. May it go up in smoke!
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How about our Charlottesville homeboys! Go Hoos!
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